Friday, January 15, 2010

My Open Letter To NBC


Dear NBC,

I never watched Jay at 10:35.

I never watched him at 9:00.

And I will not watch him at 10:35 when he returns there -whenever that happens.

He is not funny.

Not at 10:35. Or 9:00.

In fact, this whole Time-Slot-Gymnastics routine only makes me resent him and makes the both of you seem as though you're chewing on sour grapes. (I should know, I'm chewing on a few myself.)

Just thought you'd like to know.

Sincerely, Me


Kacy said...

If I met Jay Leno I would tell him to his face that he is not funny. I'd say it nicely, and he wouldn't care because he never listens to anybody.

Sandy said...

I agree, whats with the big deal on Jay Leno? I do not like him, will not watch, and you are right, he is not funny!!! Why not just take him off all together and put someone new on who can make us laugh and not about other peoples misfortunes.

Love your blog!!!
Sandy Comstock