Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Old Friends Are Lovely

Well, I haven't written in months.

Much has been happening, some good, some less so, all of it just part of life.

And I'm not going to write much now other than to say I'll write more soon and hope to have some lovely news by February.

I have a friend, Melissa by name, (Missy if you've known her as long as I have) and she also hasn't written in months. Much has been happening in her life too, some good, some less so. Life, you know.

Here's the good news...she's writing again. And she's having a little giveaway.

Here's the better news...she's funny. I mean REALLY funny. I mean, don't-eat-or-drink-while- reading-her-posts-'cause-they'll-make-you-choke funny.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here's the

(Sheesh. Still technologically challenged. Someday I'll get it...Maybe. Mutter, mutter.)


Teachinfourth said...

Remember when we used to be friends?

Yeah, so do I…

I'm off to check out your friend's blog.

lisa said...

You're killing me, Jason, I thought we WERE still friends...

Miss you loads! Come see us soon! In fact, what are you doing for Christmas?

Melissa said...

You are so sweet! (you never hear that, do you?)

I can't resist doing something that will mortify you: Bert J., the winner of my giveaway, is a her! I laughed so hard when I read your comment!

As always, I love you!

lisa said...

Oh, no! I hope I didn't offend her...