Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resume Boosting

I was talking to my little sister this morning. She is what my children describe as "cool". She is beautiful and funny and she has loads of that elusive quality best described as "hip". My brother? More of the same. He's super cool and very funny. He reminds me a lot of Jack Black who happens to make me laugh almost every time I see him. (Except for that very lamentable King Kong thing.) Moreover, he has a really cool job and sometimes he gets to meet famous people. They're the kind of aunt and uncle that my kids are secretly thrilled to be able to introduce.

Thankfully for my sister's kids, they get to introduce my brother as their uncle as well. If they had to rely only on me the conversation would likely go something like this:

Nephew: Yeah, I have an aunt. She lives in Utah.

Friend: Does she ski?

Nephew: Ummm no...she...she goes to church a lot...but you know, other stuff too.

Friend: Like what?

Nephew: Well, I've seen her dance.

Friend: Tap? Ballet? Exotic?

Nephew: She dances in her kitchen...She writes.

Friend: What? Like screenplays? or novels?

Nephew: More like...lists. You know, grocery, WalMart, "To Do"...but she's really funny...

Friend: Stand-up?

Nephew: Ummm...

Yeah, so anyway. To my nephews, I apologize. But really...just stick with "She lives in Utah" and let it go.

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~j. said...

Ahem. Eldest sisters (perhaps particularly those with one younger sister and one younger brother) are the coolest. Period.