Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Before We Go Any Further...

Just in case anyone aside from my sweet mother ever reads this blog you should probably know a few things. Or at least a few people. First, my hubby, known hereafter as El Guapo. We've been married for a little over twenty one years. He's from Peru which is why we occasionally eat tamales and salsa. We have four kids. Dobbie, 20, currently serving a mission for our church in New Zealand. (Sept. '09 can't come fast enough!) Buo, 16, (it means owl in Spanish) has some crazy cowlicks in the back of his hair. Petunia, 14, and too lovely for her own good. (or mine!) And of course, Maizie, 9, who makes our lives interesting EVERY SINGLE DAY! No, we don't have really strange taste in names, it's to protect their ANONYMITY! (or at least to guard what little pride we have left...)

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